Figure 1 : Transport measurements.

From: Wigner and Kondo physics in quantum point contacts revealed by scanning gate microscopy

Figure 1

Base temperature is 20 mK. (a) Electron micrograph of the QPC gates. Scale bar, 300 nm. The dashed box indicates the position of the scanning area used in Fig. 2. (b) Differential conductance G at zero bias versus split-gate voltage Vgate. The 0.7 anomaly is visible below the first plateau. Positions α and β are used in Fig. 2a,b. (c) Differential conductance G versus source-drain bias for different gate voltage Vgate from −1.08 to −0.96 V. The zero-bias peak in the red curve splits into finite-bias peaks in the blue curve. (d) Numerical derivative of the differential conductance dG/dVgate versus bias and gate voltage. Yellow lines highlight transitions between conductance plateaus.