Figure 4 : Impact of film thickness and width of Gaussian DOS.

From: Organic semiconductor density of states controls the energy level alignment at electrode interfaces

Figure 4

(a) Injection barriers Δe for electrons (left axis) and Δh for hole (right axis) as a function of effective substrate work function Φeff for pentacene films of thicknesses from d=1.5 nm to 30 nm. (b) Injection barriers Δe (left axis) and Δh (right axis) as a function of Φeff for a d=10 nm thick pentacene film with the standard deviations of the Gaussian HOMO and LUMO DOS varied from σH/L=0.1 eV up to σH/L=0.4 eV while retaining a constant IE and EA. (c) Electron potential energy profiles −eV(z) at the highest effective substrate work function Φeff=6.5 eV for all σH/L treated in b.