Figure 4 : Histone H3K36 is required for survival following exposure to DSB-inducing agents.

From: A histone H3K36 chromatin switch coordinates DNA double-strand break repair pathway choice

Figure 4

(a) Western blot analysis of H3K36me3 in wild-type (Wt) and H3.2K36R H3.1ΔH3.3Δ (H3K36R) cells. α-H3 is shown as a loading control. (b) 10-fold serial dilutions of wild-type (Wt), H3ΔΔ and H3K36R cells on YE6S, YE6S+1 μg ml−1 bleomycin. Plates were incubated at 32 °C for 3 days. (c) Methanol-fixed asynchronous wild-type (Wt) and H3K36R cells imaged following growth in the presence or absence of 5 μg ml−1 bleomycin for 6 h. Bar, 10 μm. (d) IR survival curve for wild-type (Wt) and H3K36R cells. Data are the mean of three experiments and error bars (±s.e.) are shown.