Figure 1 : Set2 is required to suppress HR and for resistance to DNA-damaging agents.

From: A histone H3K36 chromatin switch coordinates DNA double-strand break repair pathway choice

Figure 1

(a) 10-fold serial dilutions of wild-type, set2Δ, set2-R255G and rad51Δ strains on YE6S, YE6S+5 μg /ml bleomycin. Plates were incubated at 32 °C for 3 days. At least two biological replicates were performed. (b) IR survival curve for wild-type (Wt) and set2Δ strains. Means±s.e. of three experiments are shown. (c) A schematic of the structure of Set2 with SET (ASW) domain shown with amino-acid sequences indicating arginine residue mutated in SET domain of the set2-R255G mutant. (d) Western blot analysis of H3K36me3 levels in wild-type (Wt), set2Δ and set2-R255G cells. (e) Percentage DSB-induced marker loss in wild type (Wt), set2Δ and set2-R255G containing Ch16-RMGAH. The levels of NHEJ/SCC, GC, Ch16 loss and LOH are shown. Means±s.e. of three experiments are shown. * represents significant difference compared with wild-type (P<0.05, t-test). See also Supplementary Fig. 1 and Table 1. (f) set2Δ cells are sensitive to bleomycin in combination with rad51Δ. Fivefold serial dilutions of wild-type (Wt), set2Δ, rad51Δ and set2Δ rad51Δ cells were grown on YE6S and YE6S+0.3 μg /ml−1 bleomycin.