Figure 3 : Force network and position overlaps in the fractal basin.

From: Fractal free energy landscapes in structural glasses

Figure 3

(a) Overlap between the force network edges fij=0, 1 that connect two particles i and j in two glass configurations a and b (at pressure pf=1010), obtained by independent compression of the same initial configuration at initial pressure pinit (Supplementary Note 2). (b) Time-evolution of the mean-square displacement Δ(t) for glasses at p =102, 103, 104, 105, 106, 107 and 108 in d=4. The solid line indicates the ballistic dt2 behaviour. The long-time value is the cage size dΔEA. (c) The pressure evolution of the cage size ΔEA in various dimension closely follows a power-law ~p−κ with the theoretical value κ =1.41575. (d) Analytical results for the order parameter Δ(y) at 2d. Increasing the cutoff ymax~p indicates that the scaling regime Δ(y)~y−κ extends to all y. (Supplementary Note 1)