Figure 5 : Landscape of genetic alterations and recurrently mutated genes in multiple myeloma.

From: Heterogeneity of genomic evolution and mutational profiles in multiple myeloma

Figure 5

Table highlighting relevant genetic alterations and recurrently mutated genes in the study. Patients are represented in columns. (a) Karyotypic features of each patient. (b) Recurrently mutated genes, color coded for missense (green), nonsense (red) and splice-site (blue) substitutions; indels are in light purple and homozygous deletions in ocra. For patients with serial samples, events occurring only in one sample only are highlighted with a diagonal bar. In case of multiple mutations in the same gene in a patient, only one is plotted. In case a mutation is associated with the deletion of the wild-type allele, the gene shows a black contour. For each gene, the number of patients harbouring at least one non-silent mutation is provided in the ‘TOTAL’ column. Asterisks mark genes mutated at a significant recurrence rate in the data set (P-value<0.02 and false discovery rate of <10%).