Table 1 Frequency of cervical thymus in neonatal Foxn1 or Gcm2- null mice *.

From: Transdifferentiation of parathyroid cells into cervical thymi promotes atypical T-cell development

Genotype Number Incidence of cervical thymus
Foxn1 +/nu 22 13/22
Foxn1 nu/nu 19 4/19
Gcm2 +/+ 44 21/44
Gcm2 +/− 61 24/61
Gcm2 −/− 33 0/33
  1. *The presence of one or more cervical thymus was scored in individual neonatal mice.
  2. Frequencies were calculated as different from expected Mendelian ratios using the χ2-test. Only Gcm2−/− mice showed frequencies significantly different from controls.