Table 3 Linear regression values for 10 individual non-farmers mixed at various frequencies with a paired farmer.

From: Social amoeba farmers carry defensive symbionts to protect and privatize their crops

Non-farmer Farmer host-associated bacteria R 2 P -value
QS1 B. xenovorans LB400 0.834 0.002
QS9 B. xenovorans LB400 0.857 0.001
QS14 B. xenovorans LB400 0.917 <0.001
QS17 B. xenovorans LB400 0.857 0.001
QS160 B. xenovorans LB400 0.853 0.001
NC75.2 B. xenovorans LB400 0.815 0.002
QS6 S. maltophilia K279 0.777 0.004
QS154 B. phytofirmans psJN 0.799 0.003
QS158 Burkholderia sp CCGE1003 0.681 0.012
NC174 Burkholderia sp CCGE1003 0.231 0.227
  1. B. phytofirmans psJN, Burkholderia phytofirmans psJN; B. xenovorans LB400, Burkholderia xenovorans LB400; S. maltophilia K279, Stenotrophomonas maltophilia K279.
  2. All of the non-farmers except NC174 produced significantly fewer spores at higher concentrations of farmers.