Figure 2 : Regulation of genes involved in the MHC class I presentation pathway by p53.

From: p53 increases MHC class I expression by upregulating the endoplasmic reticulum aminopeptidase ERAP1

Figure 2

(a) Heatmap representation of Exon array data shows the fold change in mRNA level of genes involved in the MHC class I presentation pathway, grouped according to function: (i) protein breakdown; (ii) peptide transport; (iii) peptide trimming; and (iv) MHC class I structures. The normalized fold change (FC) for each gene was calculated by the difference between the fold change in p53WT (WT) transfected cells and the average fold change in six loss-of-function p53 mutants (MT)-transfected cells in relative to pcDNA3.1 control-transfected cells. (b) Real-time qPCR analysis of mRNA expression of MHC presentation pathway genes in Nutlin 3-treated HCT116 (p53+/+) and HCT116 (p53−/−) cells. Data are representative of three independent experiments (mean±s.d.) and presented as fold change in mRNA expression in Nutlin 3-treated relative to DMSO-treated (control) cells, normalized to HPRT gene expression.