Figure 2 : Formation of dislocation-originated SFT in MD simulations.

From: Atomic-scale dynamic process of deformation-induced stacking fault tetrahedra in gold nanocrystals

Figure 2

The Au nanowire is loaded in the [111] direction. (a) A leading partial with trailing SF1 nucleates from the free surface on the (1) plane under tensile loading. (b) Two new SFs, SF2 and SF3, nucleate on the (1) and (1) plane, respectively, and intersect with SF1, forming the initial open-SFT. Note that SF3 is covered visually by SF1 and SF2 and thus cannot be seen directly. (c) The nucleation of trailing partials sweeps out part of the SFs, thus removing the trails of the initial open-SFT. (d) The closed SFT finally forms by dislocation cross-slip. (e) Projection view of the closed SFT along the <110> direction. (fh) Schematic illustration of the detailed dislocation processes during the SFT formation.