Figure 2 : I(4) 2D ES from time-integrated data set.

From: Coherent multidimensional optical spectra measured using incoherent light

Figure 2

(a) The linear absorption spectrum of DTP in butanol and the noisy-light excitation spectrum are displayed in the solid and dashed lines, respectively. (b) The ‘rephasing-like’ spectrum at τ=0 has two prominent diagonal peaks and two weak cross peaks. The reduced antidiagonal linewidth is discussed in the text. The horizontal and vertical axes correspond to excitation and emission frequencies, respectively. (c) The ‘non-rephasing-like’ spectrum at τ=0 shows prominent diagonal and cross peaks. The cross peaks indicate coupling between the two transitions. The upper cross peak has a larger amplitude than the lower cross peak, indicating the presence of a photoisomer; see Discussion for more description about this feature of I(4) 2D ES.