Table 1: Nucleotide diversity for natural isolates.

From: Genome architecture is a selectable trait that can be maintained by antagonistic pleiotropy

 his3+ (nuclear gene)cen2 (intergenic region)cox1+ (mitochondrial gene)
π0.0005 (0.0001)0.0068 (0.0037)0.0145 (0.0100)
π S. octosporus0.0531 (0.0416)n.s.0.0572 (0.0351)
π S. cryophilus0.0548 (0.0429)n.s.0.0585 (0.0361)
π S. japonicus0.0622 (0.0487)n.s.0.0660 (0.0412)
  1. π is the average number of nucleotide differences per site between two sequences. s.d. is shown in parentheses.