Erratum: Corrigendum: Gene-associated markers provide tools for tackling illegal fishing and false eco-certification

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Nature Communications 3: Article number: 851 (2012); Published 22 May 2012; Updated 15 July 2013.

In the Accession codes section and in Supplementary Table S2 of this Article, some of the herring SNP loci identification numbers and their associated NCBI dbSNP database accession codes are incorrect, as follows:

Cha 1025.1-149/ss503773365 should be Cha_10193.1-449/ss538786515 Cha 1170.1-250/ss503773374 should be Cha_1165.2-123/ss538786521 Cha 13197.4-115/ss503773376 should be Cha_13178.2-124/ss538786526 Cha 10733.1-102/ss503773379 should be Cha_1068.2-349/ss538786516 Cha 13371.3-81/ss503773381 should be Cha_13259.1-167/ss538786527 Cha 11922.3-225/ss503773391 should be Cha_11896.1-201/ss538786522 Cha 12119.7-153/ss503773398 should be Cha_1203.1-312/ss538786523 Cha 1212.4-260/ss503773404 should be Cha_12119.7-664/ss538786524 Cha124.5-901/ss503773406 should be Cha_12381.1-143/ss538786525 Cha 14331.1-140/ss503773408 should be Cha_143.1-185/ss538786529 Cha 11251.1-463/ss503773416 should be Cha_11197.1-111/ss5387865186 Cha 13427.1-146/ss503773421 should be Cha_13376.1-166/ss538786528 Cha 117.1-661/ss503773426 should be Cha_1162.1-193/ss538786520 Cha 14998.1-247/ss503773428 should be Cha_14942.1-236/ss538786530 Cha 11326.1-297/ss503773434 should be Cha_113.2-2374/ss538786519 Cha 11183.5-167/ss503773439 should be Cha_1104.1-937/ss538786517

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