Figure 2 : High-performance electrocatalysts based on inorganic/CNT hybrid materials over precious metals.

From: Advanced zinc-air batteries based on high-performance hybrid electrocatalysts

Figure 2

(a) ORR and OER polarization curves and (b) chronopotentiometry (i~t) measurements of CoO/N-CNT and NiFe LDH/CNT compared with 20 wt% Pt/C and 20 wt% Ir/C benchmarks in 6 M KOH on Teflon-coated carbon fibre paper (CFP) electrodes. The catalyst loading on CFP electrodes was 1 mg cm−2 for all materials. The anodic peak of FeNi LDH/CNT in (a) is due to the oxidation from Ni2+ to Ni3+ or Ni4+ in α-phase Ni(OH)2 before OER24.