Figure 1 : Bias analysis of all identified Trichoplax proteins.

From: Deep proteome profiling of Trichoplax adhaerens reveals remarkable features at the origin of metazoan multicellularity

Figure 1

Properties for all proteins in SwissProt were calculated with BioPython 1.58 module ProtParam and plotted as a histogram (grey bars, corresponding to the left vertical axis). The analysis was repeated for all significantly detected proteins (white bars overlapping the grey bars). The proportion of the known and detected proteins for each histogram bar was calculated and depicted as red dots (rightmost axis), connected with lines for clarity. (a) There is a clear preference for detection of longer proteins by bottom-up mass spectrometry, which is in accordance with the notion that longer proteins yield more peptides, hence are more likely to be detected. (b) The isoelectric point does not have a clear influence on mass spectrometry coverage, which is around 50%. (c) A clear preference for hydrophilic proteins exists in our analysis.