Figure 1 : Theoretical bands along the high-symmetry directions.

From: Creation of helical Dirac fermions by interfacing two gapped systems of ordinary fermions

Figure 1

(a) Bare Bi (111) BL along M-Γ-M direction at the bulk Bi2Se3 lattice constant. The inset is the first Brillouin zone with high symmetric points of Γ, M and K. (b) Bare 1QL Bi2Se3 along M-Γ-M direction. (c,d) 1BL Bi (111) on 1QL Bi2Se3 along M-Γ-M and K-Γ-K directions, respectively. The newly created Dirac cone is marked with ‘D’. The relative intensity of bands at different k-points scales with the number of local density of states.