Figure 1 : Directed-forgetting task and activations.

From: Dimensionality of brain networks linked to life-long individual differences in self-control

Figure 1

(a) Schematic of the working memory directed-forgetting task. The task is composed of three trial types: lure, yes and control trials. Of most interest is the comparison of accuracy and RT for lure versus control trials. (b) Activation patterns for the lure—control contrast across all participants. Significant activation is seen in the left inferior frontal gyrus (LiFG), the right inferior frontal gyrus (RiFG), the anterior cingulate cortex (ACC)/superior frontral gyrus (sFG), the caudate, the precuneus and the left inferior parietal lobule (LiPL). These images are thresholded at P<0.005 uncorrected for ten contiguous voxels.