Figure 1 : Requirement of Rab9 for tracheal tube length restriction.

From: Rab9 and retromer regulate retrograde trafficking of luminal protein required for epithelial tube length control

Figure 1

(ac) rab9-mutant phenotype. Stage-16 control rab956/+ embryo (a), rab956/rab9199-mutant (b) and rab956/rab9199-mutant embryos expressing GFP-Rab9 in the trachea (with btl-Gal4 driver) (c) labelled with a fluorescent CBP to reveal tube lumen. (d) Quantification of the DT length in control and rab9-mutant embryos at stage 16. Error bars represent s.d. The single and double asterisks represent P<0.05 and 0.001<P<0.01, respectively, compared with the control by Student’s t-test (n=6–9 embryos). Scale bar, 50 μm.