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Corrigendum: Enantioselective synthesis of a chiral nitrogen-doped buckybowl

Nature Communications volume 4, Article number: 1314 (2013) | Download Citation

In this Article, the space group for the crystal structure of compound 6 is noted as being triclinic P1. After re-examining the crystallographic data, however, we wish to revise the space group to monoclinic P21.

In the ‘X-ray crystallography’ section in Results, ‘9.8° for C1 and 10.8° for C2’ should read ‘10.0° for C1 and 10.7° for C2’. In the ‘X-ray crystallography’ section in Methods, ‘Crystal data for (C)-(−)-6: triclinic, space group P1, a=11.291(11), b=12.419 (13), c=14.794 (14) Å, α=90.078(16), β=90.086(15), γ=101.952(18)°, V=2,029.48 Å3, Z=4; R1=0.0924; wR2=0.1387, Flack parameter=0.09(9).’ should read ‘Crystal data for (C)-(−)-6: monoclinic, space group P21, a=11.295(12), b=14.798 (15), c=12.421 (14) Å, α=90.00, β=101.882(14), γ=90.00°, V=2032(4) Å3, Z=4; R1=0.0724; wR2=0.1091, Flack parameter=0.05(8).’.

The crystallographic data deposited in the Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre have been replaced with the correct data, under the original accession code (CCDC-864009).

A corrected version of Fig. 3 appears below.

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