Figure 3 : Photoresponsive weight change of αCD–Azo gels in water.

From: Expansion–contraction of photoresponsive artificial muscle regulated by host–guest interactions

Figure 3

(a) Weight change of αCD–Azo gels before and after photoirradiation with ultraviolet light (λ=365 nm) and Vis light (λ=430 nm). Error bars, standard deviation for 5 measurements. (b) Photographs of the volume change of αCD–Azo gel(1, 2) irradiated by ultraviolet and Vis light. Scale bar, 5 mm. (c) Schematic illustration of the expansion–contraction of αCD–Azo gel irradiated by ultraviolet and Vis light. After ultraviolet irradiation, which induces isomerization from the trans- to cis-form, the complex between αCD and Azo units decomposes to expand αCD–Azo gels. Vis irradiation causes isomerization from the cis- to trans-form, and complexation between αCD and the Azo units regenerates, shrinking the αCD–Azo gel. Av., average.