Figure 3 : Neither Doppel (Dpl) nor Shadoo (Sho) facilitate zinc uptake.

From: Prion protein facilitates uptake of zinc into neuronal cells

Figure 3

Zinc uptake measured using Newport Green in SH-SY5Y cells expressing (a) Dpl or (b) Sho, either not supplemented with Zn2+ (light blue symbols) or supplemented with 32 μM Zn2+ (dark blue symbols). Data shown as the relative Newport Green fluorescence corrected against DNA content and are representative of six independent experiments. Inserts show the expression of (a) Dpl or (b) Sho in the SH-SY5Y cells as detected by western blotting with DDC39 (Dpl) or anti-Sho antibodies (equal protein loading shown by detection of actin). Molecular weight markers in kDa. Un, untransfected.