Table 2: Results for the isomerization/epimerization of sugars.

From: Sn-Beta zeolites with borate salts catalyse the epimerization of carbohydrates via an intramolecular carbon shift

EntrySugarSugar:SB(mol:mol)CatalystTemperature(K)Time(min)Conversion*(%)Product distributionTotal sugar
Borate content study
Catalyst study
  1. Reactions were performed with a 5 wt% sugar feed (~2 ml), using the corresponding amount of catalyst to maintain a 100:1 sugar:metal molar ratio (~40 mg).*Conversion is defined as the ratio of moles of sugar consumed to moles sugar added initially, expressed as a percentage.
  2. Product distribution is the molar ratio of each sugar to the sum of the three sugars expressed as a percentage.
  3. Sugar yield is the ratio of the sum of moles of the reagent, isomer and epimer sugars to moles of sugar added initially, expressed as a percentage.