Figure 2 : GNRs and GQDs of controlled shape and size.

From: Nanotomy-based production of transferable and dispersible graphene nanostructures of controlled shape and size

Figure 2

TEM micrographs of GNRs of (a) w=15, (b) w=30, (c) w=40 (exfoliating), and (d) w=60 nm deposited on 400 mesh lacey carbon grids and (e) FESEM micrograph of 600 nm ribbon were obtained. (f) Electron microscope images of a 120-nm graphene ribbons (FESEM), (g) 50 nm square GQDs (FESEM), (h,i) 25×100 nm2 rectangular GQDs (FESEM), and (j) 8°-angled tapered GNR (or triangular GQD) (FESEM)) were also obtained. The large densities of square and rectangular GQDs (g) showed extensive folding (white arrows). The standard deviation in width ranges from 3 to 5 nm for w~20–40 nm GNRs. This is attributed to the diameter of the knife edge=1–2 nm. (Supplementary Fig. S4 for additional images). Bar sizes=(a) 250 nm, (b,g,i) 50 nm, (c,d) 500 nm, and (h) 1 μm.