Figure 1 : Schematic diagram for the GN production process.

From: Nanotomy-based production of transferable and dispersible graphene nanostructures of controlled shape and size

Figure 1

(a) A descriptive sketch of the nanotomy process showing the diamond-knife-based mechanical cleaving of HOPG block to produce GNBs for GNR production. Process parameters: dr=step-size and θv=angle of cleavage. (c) Sketch of the two-step nanotomy process to produce GNBs for GQD production. (b,d) GNRs and GQDs are produced by exfoliating the corresponding GNBs in chlorosulphonic acid (superacid). TEM micrographs of 30 nm GNRs and FESEM micrographs of GQDs of different shapes (square, rectangle and triangle).