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Figure 6: Enhanced single quantum dot emission.

From: Bright single-photon sources in bottom-up tailored nanowires

Figure 6

Comparison of PL intensity for the brightest quantum dots obtained utilizing three different nanowire geometries: (a) no waveguide; (b) tapered nanowire waveguide; and (c) tapered nanowire waveguide+gold+PDMS. The integrated PL intensity of the exciton (X) increases by a factor of up to 20 with the tapered nanowire waveguide and bottom gold mirror in (c) as compared with no waveguide in (a). The inset of (a–c) depicts schematically the nanowire geometry. XX: biexciton. (d) Histogram of integrated PL intensity of single exciton (X) peak at saturation. The y-axis represents the number of quantum dots with measured PL intensity for a bin size of 4,000 counts per s. The dispersion of data originates from the variable distance of the quantum dot to the mirror. The solid lines are Gaussian fits to the probability distribution and serve as an illustration of the increased trends by our technique. Blue: no waveguide; red: tapered nanowire waveguide; black: tapered nanowire waveguide+gold+PDMS. Statistically, there is an observed enhancement of 2.4 with tapered nanowire waveguide and gold mirror in comparison to no mirror, which is in good agreement with our simulations.

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