Figure 4 : Hue versus total accumulated fluence.

From: Laser-induced plasmonic colours on metals

Figure 4

(a) Hue versus total accumulated fluence for (blue circle) ϕ=1.12 J cm−2 at v=11 mm s−1, (red star) ϕ=1.67 J cm−2 at v=50 mm s−1, (green downward pointing triangle) ϕ=2.59 J cm−2 at v=100 mm s−1, (brown left pointing triangle) ϕ=6.26 J cm−2 at v=250 mm s−1, (pink asterisk) ϕ=13.23 J cm−2 at v=500 mm s−1, (purple left pointing triangle) ϕ=20.58 J cm−2 at v=750 mm s−1 and (green right pointing triangle) ϕ=29.75 J cm−2 at v=1,000 mm s−1. The Hue value completes a full 360° rotation. (b) Polar plot representation of (a) with Hue plotted azimuthally and the logarithm of the total accumulated fluence plotted radially. A full rotation in Hue is observed with increasing total accumulated fluence.