Table 1 ELT screening progression.

From: Prioritizing multiple therapeutic targets in parallel using automated DNA-encoded library screening

Phase S. aureus A. baumannii M. tuberculosis
Ligandability assessment
 Initial number of targets considered 39 80 42
 Targets amenable to ELT selection 32 70 41
 Targets with ELT signal 14 52 27
Binding confirmation
 Targets with off-DNA synthesis 14 18 13
 Targets with confirmed active chemical series (IC50 and/or MIC) 7 17 4*
 Targets with confirmed MoA 2 3 ND
  1. ND, not determined.
  2. The table shows a summary of the progression of protein targets through each tractability panel. For additional detail and a full list of targets prosecuted, see Supplementary Table 1.
  3. *Off-DNA activity assessment ongoing for remaining nine targets.