Figure 4 : Simplified scenario for the earliest phase of floral diversification as inferred from our analyses.

From: The ancestral flower of angiosperms and its early diversification

Figure 4

Each floral diagram summarizes the main features of our reconstructed ancestors for key nodes of the tree (for details, see Supplementary Discussion and Supplementary Figs 2–7). This figure only depicts the presumed first 40 million years of floral evolution, without exhaustively representing every new morphology that arose during that time. The absolute timescale provided here corresponds to divergence time estimated with a narrow constraint on the maximum age of angiosperms1; relaxing this constraint to reflect alternative studies that yielded older age estimates for angiosperms resulted in nearly identical ancestral reconstructions (see Supplementary Discussion). Note that there is uncertainty associated with some of these reconstructions (especially for Angiospermae, Magnoliidae and Eudicotyledoneae). Therefore, the scenario illustrated here is one of several plausible alternatives and should be taken with caution. Floral diagram colour code: light green=undifferentiated tepals; green=sepals; yellow=petals; red=stamens; blue=carpels.