Figure 1 : Three-dimensional model of the ancestral flower reconstructed from our analyses.

From: The ancestral flower of angiosperms and its early diversification

Figure 1

Here we provide the states with highest mean posterior probability and their associated credibility intervals from the reversible-jump Bayesian analysis of the C series of trees, which takes into account all forms of uncertainty (parameters, tree, branch times, model). States marked with three asterisks (***) indicate high confidence and consistency across methods of reconstruction (for example, perianth present, undifferentiated and actinomorphic). Other states need to be interpreted with caution as their reconstruction was either associated with higher uncertainty (for example, perianth phyllotaxis, number of stamen whorls) or inconsistent across methods (for example, sex reconstructed as equivocal with parsimony). The colours, shapes and relative sizes of organs were not inferred from our analyses and were chosen here for artistic reasons. The exact number of organs could not be reconstructed precisely. Minimum numbers were chosen for this representation, but reconstructions with more floral organs are also compatible with our results (for further details, see Supplementary Discussion, section ‘Reconstructing the ancestral flower’). A rotating version of this model is provided as Supplementary Movie 1.