Table 1: Divergence times and molecular ages estimated in BEAST.

From: Deeply divergent archaic mitochondrial genome provides lower time boundary for African gene flow into Neanderthals

Mitochondrial lineagesMean value95% HPD interval
Modern humans—Neanderthals412,930467,720–360,230
HST—Altai branch Neanderthals267,770316,080–218,980
Altai—rest of Altai branch Neanderthals160,480198,800–125,410
San—rest of modern humans146,730169,520–123,650
Altai age130,010171,600–88,010
HST age123,800182,560–62,013
Mezmaiskaya 1 age89,075126,700–51,648
Denisova 11 age88,244113,760–63,840
Okladnikov 2 age81,446109,290–56,213
Vindija 33.17 age48,80957,157–40,532
Vindija 33.19 age43,93951,029–35,336
Vindija 33.25 age42,99652,305–34,450
Goyet Q374a-1 age40,86746,942–32,697
Goyet Q305-7 age40,83247,057–33,134
  1. HST, Hohlenstein–Stadel.
  2. Reported values derive from the skyline tree prior and strict molecular clock model that best fits the data (see Methods section).