Figure 7 : Genes reversed specifically by effective compounds.

From: Reversal of cancer gene expression correlates with drug efficacy and reveals therapeutic targets

Figure 7

(a) Example of MCM3 suppressed by effective compounds in LIHC. Each line indicates the position of MCM3 in a ranked drug expression profile. New effective compounds identified in this work are highlighted and coloured red. A lower rank suggests the gene is downregulated and a higher rank suggests the gene is upregulated by the corresponding compound. Reversal genes in (b) BRCA, (c) LIHC and (d) COAD. The heatmap in the middle indicates the relative position of a gene in a ranked drug expression profile. Positions are normalized and drug columns are ordered by its IC50. Red shows the gene is upregulated and blue shows the gene is downregulated after treatment. The bar on the left shows their expression fold change between tumour samples and adjacent non-tumour samples, and the heatmap on the right shows their genetic alterations in TCGA patient samples obtained through cBioPortal63.