Figure 5 : sRGES predicts drug efficacy in LIHC.

From: Reversal of cancer gene expression correlates with drug efficacy and reveals therapeutic targets

Figure 5

(a) Reversal relationship between LIHC gene expression and compound gene expression. The first column represents disease gene expression ranked by fold change. The remaining columns represent gene expression change after treatment with individual compounds. Compounds were selected based on their sRGES, and novelty in LIHC. When a compound has multiple profiles, the profile with the median RGES was selected for visualization in the heatmap. (b) Drug efficacy in five LIHC cell lines measured by cell proliferation assays after 72 h treatment. Data are shown as mean±s.d. (c) Correlation between drug efficacy and sRGES after adding the four validated compounds. The median was used to merge drug efficacy across five cell lines.