Figure 3 : Drug efficacy correlates with RGES in individual cancer cell lines.

From: Reversal of cancer gene expression correlates with drug efficacy and reveals therapeutic targets

Figure 3

(a) MCF7 for BRCA, (b) HepG2 for LIHC and (c) HT29 for COAD. In each cell line, only the compounds that have at least one expression profile and one IC50 in that cell line were considered. Each dot represents one compound. Its RGES, for example, in plot A was computed by using BRCA gene expression and its expression profiled in MCF7 cells. RGES was normalized and merged when one compound has multiple expression profiles. Median IC50 was used when one compound has multiple IC50s from different studies. ANOVA and Spearman correlation were used to measure correlation between RGES and drug efficacy. The top five compounds with the most deviation from the linear line are highlighted. Boxplots illustrate RGES difference between effective compounds (IC50<10 μM) and ineffective compounds (IC50≥10 μM).