Figure 5 : SRSF1 modulates Δ133p53 in regulating VSMC proliferation.

From: SRSF1 promotes vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation through a Δ133p53/EGR1/KLF5 pathway

Figure 5

(a,b) Δ133p53 expression increases by Ad-SRSF1 infection in HASMCs at mRNA (a) and protein (b) level; n=7 each. (c,d) SiRNA-deletion of SRSF1 reduces mRNA (c) and protein (d) abundance of Δ133p53; n=5–6 each. (e) MΔ133p53 levels in vessels from Srsf1−/− mice at 56 days after birth; n = 8 each. (f) Δ133p53 expression in cultured HASMCs by Ad-Δ133p53; n=5 each. (gi) In HASMCs infected with Ad-GFP, Ad-Δ133p53, Ad-p53 or Ad-Δ40p53, PCNA expression (g), cell counts (h) and MTT assays (i) after Ang II or PDGF-BB stimulation for 4 days are examined; (g), n=5; (h,i), n=12. (j) Wound-healing assays in HASMCs infected with indicated adenovirus and treated Ang II; n=9 each; scale bar, 200 μm. All adenoviral infection above is 100 m.o.i. for 48 h unless specified. Ang II is 200 nM and PDGF-BB is 10 μg l−1. **P < 0.01; one-way ANOVA (ad,g,i,j), Student's t-test (e), or two-way ANOVA (h). Data are mean±s.e.m. of five (ad,g) or four (e,hj) independent experiments.