Figure 5 : Experimental confirmation of directed BP-lattice orientation by patterned surfaces.

From: Directed self-assembly of liquid crystalline blue-phases into ideal single-crystals

Figure 5

(a) Scanning electron microscopy images of three different patterned surfaces, along with the corresponding micrographs of the cholesteric and BPs I and II and the Kossel diagrams of the BPII in the patterned area. The Chol-BPI and BPI-BPII transition temperatures for each case are also indicated. As predicted by our theoretical results, each pattern stabilizes the BPII orientation for that it was designed to stabilize. The resulting single-crystal monodomains are as large as the patterned area. (b,c) Reflected light optical images of the BP cell under crossed polarizers: (b) single crystalline domain on stripe patterned surface; (c) monodomain adjacent to the stripe pattern area. The Kossel diagrams correspond to the right and left sides of the zoomed-in images.