Figure 2 : A tanglegram between the phylogeny of the genus representative hits of cmx and the host phylogeny of their corresponding 16S rRNA sequences.

From: Dissemination of antibiotic resistance genes from antibiotic producers to pathogens

Figure 2

The red labels correspond to Gram-positive actinobacteria, while the blue labels correspond to Gram-negative proteobacteria. Genomes were selected if they have BLASTP hits against the Cmx protein (WP_005297378.1). The best hit per genus is taken as the representative hit. Hits with over 99% identity to WP_005297378.1 are framed. These cmx genes are located in transposons together with a transposase gene tnp45. Triangles represent collapsed branches. The full trees are provided in Supplementary Fig. 4.