Figure 4 : Whole-brain voxel-wise mediation analysis results.

From: Age-related delay in visual and auditory evoked responses is mediated by white- and grey-matter differences

Figure 4

Voxel hue corresponds to the effect size (% mediation effect), while opacity corresponds to the univariate P value. Clusters of at least 250 voxels that survive FDR correction are marked with a black border. (a) WM structure (MK) in the optic radiation (connecting LGN to V1) [label 1], and in splenium of corpus callosum [label 2], mediates the age versus visual constant delay relationship. (b) GM volume in the left posterior STG mediates the age versus auditory cumulative delay relationship [label 1]. Another cluster was observed in the left superior lateral occipital cortex, a region not involved in auditory processing [label 2]. All effects indicate positive mediation (that is, the age versus delay relationship is attenuated when including the mediator).