Figure 6: Inferred tectonic evolution of Tibet. | Nature Communications

Figure 6: Inferred tectonic evolution of Tibet.

From: Lithospheric foundering and underthrusting imaged beneath Tibet

Figure 6

The interpretation is based on the seismic image along profile C (Fig. 4e) as well as previous studies on magmatism46,53. (a) Between 30 Ma and 25 Ma: following lithospheric thickening due to continental collision, convective instability triggers removal of a lithosphere root and surface uplift. Asthenospheric return flow initiates ultrapotassic and adakitic volcanism in Southern Tibet. (b) Between 25 Ma and 15 Ma: magmatism persists in Southern Tibet while partial melt and heat modify the remaining thin uppermost mantle lithosphere. (c) Between 15 Ma and 10 Ma: further northward underthrusting of IL gradually shuts down the heat source of magmatism in Southern Tibet. (d) Present: Southern Tibet is completely underthrusted by IL up to the south of the JS. Magmatism in Northern Tibet is still an ongoing process.

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