Figure 1: Experimental setup for the all-optical quantum graph. | Nature Communications

Figure 1: Experimental setup for the all-optical quantum graph.

From: Multimode entanglement in reconfigurable graph states using optical frequency combs

Figure 1

The system is based on a quantum frequency comb30 and homodyne detection with a customized local oscillator. The quantum frequency comb is a multimode squeezed state, in which each squeezed mode possesses a specific spectral structure. Consequently, quantum correlations exist in the frequency-band basis18. On-demand all-optical quantum-graph correlations within the frequency comb are revealed via projective measurements, which consists of homodyne detection in a suitable basis. The local oscillator (LO) is sculpted into the appropriate pulse shape by a computer-programmed spatial light modulator (SLM). The subsequent measurement of the quantum state with this shaped LO realizes the desired graph unitary transformation ULO. The top inset represents the spectral eigenmodes with corresponding squeezing ellipse in phase-space representation. The grid graph in the right suggests that via measurement one can access on-demand multimode entanglement with specific connectivities.

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