Figure 3 : Trex1 is induced by high dose radiation and degrades IFN-inducing cytoplasmic DNA.

From: DNA exonuclease Trex1 regulates radiotherapy-induced tumour immunogenicity

Figure 3

(ac) Cytoplasmic dsDNA accumulation (a), Trex1 gene expression (b), IFNβ secretion and Mx1 and Ifnar1 gene expression (c) in TSA cells treated with various radiation doses (n=3). (dg) TSAKI Trex1 cells were cultured without (grey bars) or with doxycycline (white bars) to induce Trex1 expression (Supplementary Fig. 3b) before measuring cytoplasmic dsDNA accumulation (d), Mx1 (e), Ifnar1 (f) and Ifnb1 (g) gene expression induced by radiation (n=3). (Duplicate; *P<0.05; **P<0.005; ***P<0.0005; ****P<0.0001: t-test). All data are mean±s.e.m.