Figure 1: Concept of anapole nanolaser. | Nature Communications

Figure 1: Concept of anapole nanolaser.

From: Anapole nanolasers for mode-locking and ultrafast pulse generation

Figure 1

(a) Three-dimensional representation of an anapole nanolaser composed by a direct bandgap semiconductor (black nanodisk) that is optically pumped from the top (green arrow). (b) Energy diagram of light amplification via stimulated emission in a direct bandgap semiconductor. (c) Amplification scheme in frequency domain of the anapole nanolaser, where the stimulated emission (solid red line) coincides with the scattering dip (solid blue line) associated to an anapole state. (d) Spatial distribution of the electric field inside the nanodisk at the anapole frequency. The formation of circulating patterns (white arrows) suppresses far-field radiation and generates a scattering-free anapole state whose energy is confined inside the nanostructure.

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