Table 1: Logistic regression model and parameters.

From: Amazonian forest-savanna bistability and human impact

i θiθi (standardized)
1Sand2.38 e−026.08 e-01
2Clay−1.88 e−011.10
3Density−5.99−9.09 e−02
4Clay/density1.83 e−014.79 e−01
6MAR2.90 e−032.29
  1. Model fitting was done on 50,000 samples (1 km spatial resolution). All parameters have P values < 1e−04. Forest is predicted where the log odds of forest occurrence (see Methods for details). The κ-agreement index with data is 0.69 (substantial agreement). See Supplementary Fig. 2 and Supplementary Table 1 for alternative prediction models.