Table 2: Characterization of the Mb-scale genomic region under balancing selection in weedy rice.

From: Genomic variation associated with local adaptation of weedy rice during de-domestication

Item\group typeindica(Jiangsu: 38 samples)
Genomic position (Mb)9.2–13.5
Region size (Mb)4.4
Average π values (× 10−3)*2.5/0.6
Top Tajima’s values*3.3/1.7
Average Tajima’s values*2.9/−1.8
Number of windows with Tajima's D>2*43/0
Percentage of top 5% high Tajima’s D windows90.9%
Percentage of windows within Z(Fst)≥3 across the genome88.4%
Number of non-TE genes covered213
Number of non-TE genes with Tajima’s D>2*132/4
  1. Parameters were estimated in a 100 Kb scanning window along the whole reference genome.
  2. *Weedy/all cultivated rice of indica.