Table 1: Summary of phenotypes and genome sequencing data of Chinese weedy rice and local cultivated rice used in this study.

From: Genomic variation associated with local adaptation of weedy rice during de-domestication

Phenotype/sequencingWeedy riceLocal rice
Mean shattering level*1.63.9
Awn (%)43.92.6
Brown pericarp (%)1000
Dark seed hull (%)42.619.7
Seed length width ratio2.42.5
japonica type2.32.1
indica type2.53.3
Number of accessions sequenced15576
Total base-pairs generated (Gb)1,074541
Average genome coverage (× )17.819.1
Mapped to reference genome (%)92.595.4
  1. *Based on shattering rate 1–5 at Fig. 1.
  2. Based on the phylogenetic tree (Fig. 2a).
  3. Seven additional weedy rice from USA and South Korea were also sequenced.