Figure 1 : TZB and 8-18C5 are rapidly cleared by Seldegs in transgenic mice expressing huFcγRs.

From: Engineered clearing agents for the selective depletion of antigen-specific antibodies

Figure 1

(a) Schematic representation of Seldeg design. (b) A concentration of 100 nM MOG-Seldeg or MOG-WT was injected over immobilized mouse FcRn at the indicated pH. (c) Mice were intravenously injected with radiolabelled (125I) 8-18C5 (15 μg) and 24 h later PBS, MOG-WT (31 μg) or MOG-Seldeg (4-fold (31 μg) or 16-fold (125 μg) molar excess; low or high dose, respectively) was delivered intravenously. Radioactivity levels were determined at the indicated times. Whole body or blood levels obtained immediately before Seldeg or control delivery were taken as 100%. (d,e) The same methodology as in c was used, except that radiolabelled TZB (15 μg) injection was followed 24 h later by intravenous delivery of PBS, HER2-WT (51 μg), HER2-Seldeg (51 μg), MOG-Seldeg (31 μg) or Abdeg (MST-HN; 60 μg), each at fourfold molar excess. Error bars indicate s.d. and statistically significant differences are indicated for MOG-WT versus MOG-Seldeg (low) (c) HER2-Seldeg versus MOG-Seldeg (d) and HER2-Seldeg versus Abdeg (e) by *(P<0.05, two-way analysis of variance with Tukey’s multiple comparisons; n=6 mice per group). Data shown are representative of two independent experiments.