Figure 3: Repulsing motion of a geometrically pinned domain wall. | Nature Communications

Figure 3: Repulsing motion of a geometrically pinned domain wall.

From: Inertial displacement of a domain wall excited by ultra-short circularly polarized laser pulses

Figure 3

(a) Effective restoring field BR as a function of DW position opposing wall propagation at various applied magnetic fields BA calculated for a w=4 μm wide cross bar device. |BR| becomes maximal when DW reaches the cross centre. (b) Relative change of AHE signal (normalized to the total AHE signal on compete magnetization reversal) of a 4 μm wide device due to elastic DW repulsive motion driven by an alternating field excitation with B0=0.2 mT, (green), B0=0.3 mT, (blue). AHE signal for complete magnetization reversal with BA=1.3 mT·sin(ω·t), (black). (c) Experimentally determined depinning fields of three different devices with bar widths of w=2, 4 and 6 μm. corresponds to the lowest applied magnetic field necessary to depin the DW from the cross without LP irradiation and is equal to +BPR, BPR is the DW propagation field of the unpatterned magnetic film. The broken line is a linear fit of the experimentally obtained data points and corresponds well to the theoretical prediction from our simple propagation model (Supplementary Note 1). The error bars of the depinning fields correspond to the s.d. derived from 10 individual measurements.

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