Figure 1 : Catalytic performance for CO2 hydrogenation.

From: Directly converting CO2 into a gasoline fuel

Figure 1

(a) CO2 conversion and product selectivity over different Na–Fe3O4/Zeolite catalysts; reaction conditions: H2/CO2=3,320 °C, 3 MPa and 4,000 ml h−1 gcat−1. (b) CO2 conversion and product selectivity at different H2/CO2 ratios over Na–Fe3O4/HZSM-5(160) catalyst at 320 °C, 3 MPa and 4,000 ml h−1 gcat−1. (c,d) The detailed hydrocarbon product distribution obtained over Na–Fe3O4 (c) and Na–Fe3O4/HZSM-5(160) (d) catalysts, an additional ASF plot and α value comparison of above two catalysts are also depicted; Wn is the weight fraction of a product with n carbon atoms.