Figure 4 : Assessment of inflammation and intestinal permeability in colon.

From: Low-dose penicillin in early life induces long-term changes in murine gut microbiota, brain cytokines and behavior

Figure 4

(a,b) Intestinal inflammation was evaluated by the mRNA expression of cytokines and chemokine. (cf) Evaluation of intestinal barrier integrity was performed by measuring mRNA expression of tight junctions and fecal albumin concentration. Results are means±s.e.m. (s.d. for e,f), n=28 males (11 CT, 12 AB, 5 AB/JB1) and 43 females (17 CT, 13 AB, 13 AB/JB1) (one-way ANOVA). Red dot in graphs (e,f) indicates that the level of faecal albumin was below the detection limit. **P<0.01. AB, antibiotic; AB/JB1, antibiotic and L. rhamnosus JB-1; CT, control.