Figure 5 : Blinking experiments of nonadiyne versus nonyne monolayers.

From: Single-molecule electrical contacts on silicon electrodes under ambient conditions

Figure 5

(a) 2-dimension blinking maps were built by the accumulation of hundreds of blinks at a common time x axis origin. The two-dimension blinking maps were normalized versus the total amount of counts and a vertical offset to zero-current was applied to the baseline such that the single-molecule junction component are displayed clearly (tunnelling background subtracted). The average lifetime of the blinks is 0.75 s. (b) Two-dimension blinking maps with 1-nonyne monolayer showing the absence of blinks due to the lack of distal alkyne moieties (see Supplementary Fig. 9 for the low-doped silicon case). The initial set-point current and the applied surface-voltage bias are 1 nA and −0.8 V, respectively.