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Figure 2: FMRI main effects.

From: Faster phonological processing and right occipito-temporal coupling in deaf adults signal poor cochlear implant outcome

Figure 2

(a) Surface rendering of the main effects of phonological processing (P<0.05, FDR corrected for multiple comparisons) during the pseudo-homophone rhyming task in both groups (relative to the orthography control task). (b) Left: Surface rendering of the Deaf>Controls ANOVA results (P<0.05, FDR corrected for multiple comparisons). Right: parameter estimates in deaf subjects (black bars), and in normal hearing controls (white bars) in visual cortex (BA18/V2, left histogram, note that the pattern is similar in right and left visual cortex) and in the right posterior superior temporal sulcus (STS, right histogram). *indicates significant difference at P<0.05.

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